Safe Digging Month

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

As part of Powerco’s commitment to helping keep the public safe around our electricity and gas assets, the electricity and gas distribution company is supporting beforeUdig in a new initiative to raise awareness of knowing what’s below – and the potential consequences of not.

Along with a number of other utilities nationwide, Powerco is promoting the inaugural New Zealand Safe Digging Month, which begins today and will be held every November. 

Part of our commitment is supporting videos beforeUdig have produced about the importance of finding out what's below before digging and the potential consequences of hitting electricity cables and gas pipes. You can view one of the videos below.

To stay safe, if you’re doing any type of digging in the road, roadside or within properties, you must find out where underground electricity cables, gas pipes and other underground utilities are first. 

We actively encourage anyone – whether they are doing DIY around the home, are out on the farm or are a construction contractor – to contact beforeUdig before the spade or digger cuts the surface. beforeUdig is a free online service that will send you detailed plans of where underground cables and pipes are located.


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