Improving the power supply between Opoutere and Hikuai

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Work is underway to improve the reliability and security of the electricity supply to Powerco customers between Whangamatā and Tairua.

A new 11kV line is currently being constructed that will link Opoutere, which is supplied electricity from the Whangamatā substation, and Hikuai, which is supplied by the Tairua substation. 

A helicopter is being used to install some of the line.

Powerco General Manager Electricity Karen Frew says currently there is no back-up power option for customers in and around Opoutere and Hikuai in the event of a power outage. 

“This new link line will mean we’ll be able to use an alternative supply route to restore power to these customers more quickly. The link will significantly improve the resilience of the power supply to customers in those areas if there’s a fault, such as a motor vehicle colliding with a power pole, trees through lines or equipment failure, and during maintenance,” she says.

The new link line is expected to be completed later this month. Works on four other related projects to increase the capacity of this new link will continue through until April next year.

“Thank you to the community for your patience and understanding while this work is being carried out.”

A helicopter being used to string lines between two power poles in a rural setting


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