The Gas Hub

The Gas Hub is Powerco’s gas connection team.

They can help you get connected to natural gas from the underground pipeline in the street right up to your house.

Can you connect to natural gas for free? Find out by entering your address here.

Powerco’s natural gas network extends through Taranaki to Wellington, Manawatu and the Hawke’s Bay.  

Did you know that natural gas can power up to 70% of your home? From instant, continuous hot water to luxurious, dry and warm central heating, natural gas can make your home feel better all over - and could reduce your energy bill. Get connected for free and enjoy a smart, energy efficient home.

Not sure if natural gas stacks up for you? Check out The Gas Hub’s water heating comparison tool to compare different options for heating the water at your place. It only takes a few minutes to calculate the estimated running costs and upfront costs for your household to see how much you could save.

The Gas Hub loves natural gas. If you want more comfort for less cost, then we think you'll love it too. Find out more about natural gas by visiting

Last Updated: 16 Oct 2018 - 04:02:23