Base Power

Base Power Powerco

Base Power is Powerco’s all-in-one energy system.

It uses the sun to generate electricity. Excess energy is stored in batteries, with a diesel generator providing back-up.

Powerco is committed to maintaining an electricity supply for its customers. It may propose Base Power units to some of its remote, rural customers. Base Power provides an alternative electricity supply for areas where to upgrade the electricity network and improve supply is not cost effective.

For more information about Base Power, email and a Base Power representative will contact you.


Base Power – The Benefits

Urban quality power, even in the most remote of locations
You get a constant supply of electricity from a system that looks after itself.

The electricity you need, when you need it
There are a range of models to cater for different customer needs – homes, remote baches and huts, work places and small shearing sheds. It can also supplement cowshed supply.

Powered by renewable ‘green’ resources

Featuring photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, Base Power uses sunlight to generate electricity, storing it in batteries, ready to power your home and workplace. A backup generator is included for times of low light or high load.

Simple to use
The only thing customers need to do is refill the diesel tank for the generator when fuel levels are low.

Modern technology requiring minimal maintenance
Base Power has been developed and tested by Powerco’s skilled research and development team and proven to offer a reliable and safe power supply. If there is a problem, Base Power has a technical support service through the unit’s manufacturer, Marton-based The Downs Group.

An alternative to being supplied electricity from the national grid
Base Power is recommended for remote customers where it may be a more viable supply alternative to traditional overhead lines.

Reducing your electricity costs
You can reduce your electricity costs by using the sun’s energy first for the power you need.  You pay for the diesel only when you need it.

Base Power units are customised to suit individual customers’ situations and energy needs and can be delivered by truck or helicopter.

Developed by Powerco
Powerco, New Zealand’s second largest electricity distributor by customer connections, is a reputable energy distribution company with a long, proud history of providing the energy you need now and into the future,

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