Electricity Distribution

Powerco distributes electricity to 320,000 urban and rural households, businesses and major industrial and commercial sites in New Zealand's North Island.

Our networks, including 30,000 km of overhead and underground electricity lines, transport electricity from the national electricity transmission grid, owned and operated by Transpower, to homes and businesses in our areas of operation.

Powerco Electricity Networks

Powerco's electricity networks are in the Taranaki, Wanganui, Rangitikei, Manawatu and Wairarapa regions, including the urban centres of New Plymouth, Wanganui, Palmerston North and Masterton, as well as Tauranga and the surrounding rural areas and the eastern and southern Waikato, Thames and Coromandel regions.

The electricity networks business is based on the corporatisation and merging of the former Wanganui-Rangitikei Electric Power Board, the electricity department of the New Plymouth District Council and the Taranaki Electric Power Board (1993-95), and subsequent acquisitions of Egmont Electricity (1997), Wairarapa Electricity (1999), the merger with CentralPower (2000), and the acquisition of assets from UnitedNetworks (2002), historically the former operations of the Tauranga Municipal Electricity Department and three electric power boards.

Powerco's networks connect to 30 grid exit points (GXPs) or substations. Powerco also injects electricity back into the grid from sites ranging from generation plants operated by large industries to New Zealand's largest wind farm, in the Tararua region.

As New Zealand's business and residential activity grows, Powerco continues to extend its networks and to add new connections to meet rising energy demands.