Roberts Ave to Peat St

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The Peat St substation in Whanganui  provides customers in the neighbourhood with power supply via three lines. One of those is a full capacity line which can supply the full substation load. When that line has a fault (or requires maintenance) many customers are without power until the line is repaired, with the remaining lines only able to supply to some addresses.

We’re constructing a new underground cable between our Peat St and Roberts Ave substations so power can be transferred in the event of a line fault, to increase security of power supply to the city.

Currently Powerco is working with stakeholders to determine the cable route between the substations. Design of the upgrade of the Roberts Ave substation to accommodate the new cable and to provide automated changeover technology is complete.


The challenge

A single full capacity  line at the Peat St substation in Whanganui means some customers lose power if the line experiences a fault.


The solution

Construction of a new 33kV underground cable link between our Peat St and Roberts Ave substations.

If there is a transmission fault to the Peat St or the Roberts Ave substations, power can be transferred between the two, minimising  loss of supply.


The benefit

  • Increase security of electricity supply, providing reliable power to customers
  • Avoid the costs associated with power outages for Whanganui residents, the CBD and the Aramoho industrial area


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