Power pole and overhead line replacement project


We will be starting work in the new year to replace power poles, cross arms and overhead lines in the Waikino area, as indicated in the map below. This will help ensure the power supply in the region is safe and reliable now and in the future.

The work begins on 22 January 2021 and we aim to finish this maintenance by early April. You may see our contractors Northpower setting up in preparation for the work a few days prior.

**UPDATE: Outage 70925 (16 March) has been amended and the work area has increased.  If you will be affected by this outage you should receive notification from your retailer.  The table below has been updated.**

What this means for you

There will be a series of sixteen planned outages to allow our contractors to work safely. These outages will take place between late January and early April.

Please note that you won’t be impacted by all sixteen outages.

To help you plan effectively, you’ll receive advance notification about the outages affecting you from your retailer (the company you pay your power bill to). If you’re impacted by multiple outages, you’ll receive a separate notification for each outage.

Check your address for planned outage dates

Please enter your address in the search box below:

Note: The address search may not be compatible with older browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer), please ensure you are using the latest version of your browser.

You can also check whether your address will be affected on our planned power outages search page: https://www.powerco.co.nz/planned-power-outages

Please note: Planned outages will only appear in search results once they have "Approved" status, and therefore confirmed. Any further planned outages will be included when they are approved.

We will be making every effort to ensure the project proceeds as scheduled; however all work is weather-dependent so our outage dates and times may be subject to change.

Accessing your property

As sections of our overhead line cross private property, Northpower will be in contact to arrange access to your property if required. 

Testing before and after a planned outage

Northpower will endeavour to test the meter board on your property the day prior to an outage.

On the day of the outage, once they have completed the overhead line work, they will need to re-test the meter board before switching your power back on.

We would appreciate your assistance by ensuring any dogs are secured, so our contractors can access your meter board safely.

If your meter board is located inside your house and you are not home when we arrive for testing following an outage, Northpower will leave contact details at your property so they can return and carry out testing before turning your power back on.

Getting in touch

We appreciate that it is never convenient to have outages, so if you would like us to get in contact with you to talk further about the work and how it will impact you, please register your interest by completing the form below. Alternatively you can email customerexperience@powerco.co.nz or call 0800 769 372. Please quote project number IR14279.

We thank you in advance for your patience and co-operation while we work through this essential project.