Safety for children

Electricity is very helpful.  It runs things like lights, TVs, ovens and computers.

But did you know that electricity can be dangerous? It can burn, shock and sometimes even kill you.

Powerco is a company that delivers electricity into your home.  We own power poles and power lines, substations and transformer boxes.

This is a transformer

Here's a substation with a large transformer in the background.

Important things to know about when you are out walking, riding your bike or just hanging around.

Power lines sometimes hang low or fall down, especially in a storm. If you see this, stay well away (at least eight big steps). The power lines still have live electricity in them. Tell an adult to call Powerco straight away, and we will come and fix them.

Never, ever, climb power poles or pylons, or throw things over the lines.

Remember to fly a kite in clear open spaces – away from power lines and pylons. If a kite gets close to lines, let go! The electricity can come down the kite string and you can be electrocuted. If something gets tangled in the power lines, tell an adult to call for help.

Substations, transformers and pillar boxes are full of dangerous amounts of electricity. Never touch, climb, sit or play on these – they are very dangerous. If one of these looks like it needs fixing, always stay away and tell an adult and we’ll come and fix it.

If you lose a ball over the fence of a substation, leave it there. Don’t try to climb in to get the ball. Get an adult to call us and we will come and get the ball back for you.

Always tell an adult to call Powerco.

Remember, if you see these signs they mean DANGER, so keep away and play in wide open spaces.