Wellingtonians urged to report any smell of gas

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Powerco is urging Wellingtonians to report any smell of gas by calling 0800 111 848 or calling 111 following yesterday's earthquake.

Powerco Network Operations Manager Phil Marsh said the company was only aware of one small gas leak since the 6.5 earthquake struck just after 5pm today but urged people to be cautious.

“Safety is Powerco’s top priority and there is an increased likelihood of gas leaks following a tremor of this significance.” 

Mr Marsh said the majority of Powerco’s gas network in Wellington was constructed of polyethylene pipe which was designed to handle the stress of ground movement.

“In these types of incidents pipework within properties can be damaged and cause gas leakage and if people notice a smell of gas in their homes they should turn off the gas at the meter outside their home and then call Powerco without delay.”

“Powerco’s gas network has been designed to be resilient to earthquakes and we are simply wanting to remind the people of Wellington that if they smell gas they should remove themselves from the building, turn off the gas at the meter if possible and when they are safe contact Powerco on 0800 111 848 or if they can’t remember that number call 111,” he said.

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