Severe weather: Update 12

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Power has been restored to customers in Strathmore, Whakamara and Uruti who were left without supply as a result of the weekend's torrential rain and flooding.

Powerco Acting Network Operations Manager Dean Stevenson said field crews had been working hard to restore supply and had made good progress again today.

He said crews had also been focusing their efforts on Whanganui and Waitotara and hope to have many of the 220 properties still without supply back on tonight.

“We understand how important it is for these customers to have their power back on and we are doing everything possible to ensure it happens as soon as possible.”

He said helicopters were the only means of access in some areas because washouts, slips and fallen trees had made roads unusable. Significant damage to the network, including whole sections of lines and power poles being wiped out, had contributed to the time taken to make repairs.

“We have arranged to supply customers in need with generators until repairs are completed.”

Important customer information


When power lines have been repaired, some individual properties may only have partial power. Customers who do not have any power, or supply to only parts of their property should contact their electricity retailers. This is especially important if neighbours have their power back on. Customers should continue to report faults to their energy retailers. People can contact their retailer for information about power cuts or go to Powerco’s fault page.


Customers who wish to use their own generators must arrange for a certified electrician to connect the generators for safety reasons.

Reconnection process

If your home has been affected by flooding you must have it checked by a registered electrical inspector before turning your electricity supply back on. There is a significant risk of serious shock or electrocution in flood damaged properties. Contact a registered electrician for more information.

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