Line Mechanic Saves Cat Stuck up Power Pole

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Monty the cat could have been zapped had he not been rescued from the top of a power pole by a Tenix line worker.

The adventurous feline had managed to climb up the pole, where he stayed until the SPCA was alerted by a member of the public.

Monty was perched on the power pole on Wrantage Street, New Plymouth, when Tenix line mechanic Craig Wellington arrived at the scene.

The cat could have been electrocuted if any part of its body had come in contact with the live power line. Despite this, and being up the pole for at least three hours, the moggy was reluctant to come down, hissing as he was being rescued.

North Taranaki SPCA spokeswoman Jackie Poles Smith said Mr Wellington didn’t hesitate to rescue the kitty. “He was awesome, I was really concerned about the cat and he saved its life.”

She said Monty was reunited with his owners when they rang the shelter a few hours later to report him missing.

“We’ve had cats get stuck up trees and in awkward spots but never a power pole before.”

Tenix is contracted by Powerco to maintain its electricity network. For emergencies on Powerco’s electricity network, phone 0800 27 27 27 (24-hours-a-day).

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