Electricity Upgrade Proposed

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Powerco and Transpower are proposing an electricity upgrade for Putaruru.

Powerco and Transpower are proposing a multi-million dollar project which would greatly enhance network reliability to around 11,000 homes and business in and around Putaruru and the surrounding area.

Powerco Network Operations Manager Phil Marsh said that electricity to people living in and around Tirau and Putaruru is currently supplied from a single grid exit point in Hinuera.

"This means that should a fault occur at Hinuera, Putaruru and the surrounding areas experience a power outage.”

Mr Marsh said Powerco and Transpower proposed building a new 110,000 volt switchyard, a new 110,000 volt substation and around 4km of related overhead lines on the outskirts of Putaruru which would become the primary source of electricity for the surrounding areas.

“Effectively the project to create a new grid exit point would double the security of south Waikato’s electricity supply and our expectation is this will reduce the risk of unplanned power outages as well as reducing the requirement for planned power cuts to the area.”

Mr Marsh said both Powerco and Transpower were liaising directly with landowners to define a final location for the switchyard and substation and also determine the exact route of the overhead lines.

“Once we have a detailed plan of where the proposed assets could be located, we will commence public consultation on the project and this will allow all interested parties to have an input,” Mr Marsh said.

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