Crews Make Steady Progress Repairing Storm Damage

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Power has been restored to more than 6500 properties since severe winds started to batter the lower North Island causing multiple power cuts over the past 48 hours.

Gales gusting 120km/h have caused power cuts affecting up to 9000 properties with trees and debris tearing down overhead lines and breaking poles.

Powerco Network Operations Manager Phil Marsh urged members of the public to keep clear of any damaged lines and report them to Powerco on 0800 272727.

“Power lines that have fallen to the ground may look safe but they’re very often still live. Live lines can kill. Keep yourselves, your children, pets and livestock well away from any downed lines and call Powerco.”

Mr Marsh said field staff had worked around the clock making steady progress in challenging conditions and restored power to 6500 properties.

“There are currently around 2500 properties spread around Taranaki, Wairarapa, Tararua and Manawatu,” Mr Marsh said.

“Powerco is mindful of the inconvenience caused to customers and we are working to get power back on safely as soon as possible but at present as quick as our people are effecting repairs we are sustaining damage in other areas.”

“Powerco expects to restore the majority of supply by the end of today barring further severe weather but there are likely to be a few isolated areas where customers may be without supply for a further day or two due to the extent of the damage and the tree work and significant rebuilding which will need to be completed.”

People with mobile phones with a web browser can save Powerco’s outage and faults page to their favourites for latest information about power cuts and expected restoration times.

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