Bounty for Dangerous Trees

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Powerco has launched a campaign to get tree owners to rid properties of trees that are too close to power lines.

Trees are a major cause of interruption to electricity supply – one out of every four power cuts on Powerco’s network is caused by trees. In the last 12 months, 70,000 customers were without power for a time because of trees.

To counter this problem, Powerco is launching a campaign for tree owners to get trees trimmed that are growing too close to power lines. To show how serious they are, Powerco is offering a bounty. For each trimming a tree owner pays for, Powerco will donate $100 to a local school of the tree owner’s choice.

Tree owners will also go into the draw to win a Honda 4WD quad bike with helmet valued at $14,000. There are also five Husqvarna chainsaws, helmet, visor and earmuff packages up for grabs valued at $1000 each.

Powerco Network Operations Manager Phil Marsh said it was alarming that so many trees were not maintained properly.

“Trees are an essential part of our landscape and environment, but they can also cause problems. Power supplies to rural communities are precious and any outage in remote locations can prove tricky to isolate and repair. This means you could be without power for some time if an outage occurs.

“It’s important that our consumers look up and check to see if any trees on their properties are growing too close to power lines and if they are, that they get a professional tree trimming company to come and complete the job.”

Mr Marsh said there were considerable safety issues around trimming and felling trees near power lines. It was extremely hazardous and required the appropriate skills, and specialised safety equipment and procedures.

He was delighted to be offering the bounty to local schools as it was win-win for everyone.

“A safe and secure supply of power is our number one priority but an opportunity to help out the schools in our areas is also too good an opportunity to pass up. We encourage everyone to get out there and check your trees.”

The school bounty will end on 31 March 2012.


Consumers who meet the criteria will go into the draw to win a Honda TRX420 4wd quad bike with helmet (valued at $14,000) or one of five Husqvarna 445 18-inch chainsaws – each supplied with helmet and integrated visor and earmuffs, chaps and gloves (valued at $1000 each),

The prizes will be drawn on 31 March 2012.


Criteria to go into the draw to win the prizes and to nominate a school to receive your $100 bounty.

• Customers must pay for their trees to be trimmed or removed
• The work must be carried out by a Powerco approved contractor (click to see list)
• Properties must be outside 70km/hr speed zones
• One bounty per property owner
• Customers must not have received a cut and trim notice
• Trees must be in the vicinity of power lines that do, or may in the future, interfere with Powerco’s lines.
• Customers must be on the Powerco network

The bounty is available to all schools within the Powerco network.

Approved Tree Contractors

Approved contractors for the  first cuts are underlined. The other contractors are availble for subsequent cuts.

Thames/Valley/Coromandel, Tauranga
Asplundh - Phone 0800 4 ASPLUNDH (0800 4277 586)
Arbor Care Ltd - Phone 0800 ARBOR CARE (07 5431775)
Treescape - Phone 0800 TREEWORK (09 873396)

Asplundh - Phone 0800 4 ASPLUNDH (0800 4277 586)
Treescape - Phone 0800 TREEWORK (09 873396)
Tree Truck Ltd - 06 348 2110

Arborco - Phone 06 344 4446
Treescape - Phone 0800 TREEWORK (09 873396)
Tree Truck Ltd - 06 348 2110
Asplundh - Phone 0800 4 ASPLUNDH (0800 4277 586)

Palmerston North
Arborco - Phone 0508 ARBORCO (0508 2726 726)
Treescape - Phone 0800 TREEWORK (09 873396)
Tree Truck Ltd - 06 348 2110

J & L Cummings -Phone 06 377 2282
Treescape - Phone 0800 TREEWORK (09 873396)

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