Customer Project Information Request Form

Please complete this form if your project relates to:

  • Electricity reticulation for a subdivision or six or more lots
  • A commercial supply of more than 100 Amps

Powerco will assess your request and provide an overview of any work needed or additional network requirements.

Once your request has concept approval you can engage an approved contractor for a design an quotation, and for the work to be carried out.

Please complete all the sections marked with an asterisk*. Fill out either the subdivision section or the commercial section.

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    Complete this section if your project is a subdivision.

    Provide a breakdown of subdivision stages for Powerco to determine future network requirements

    Commercial/Industrial developments

    Complete this section if your project is a commercial or industrial development

    If not currently connected, enter the name of the retailer the customer has arranged to connect with.

    Existing associated customer site (on the same site or at another site elsewhere)

    Significant electrical equipment

    Include size and other details such as variable speed drive, soft starter etc.

    Calculated Anytime Maximum Demand (AMD) for the new load.

    The AMD is the highest half-hour peak reached in any half-hour period in the year. The figures you provide will be used to determine electricity charges and need to be accurately calculated.


    Provide details of load growth for each stage so Powerco can determine requirements and associated electricity charges.


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