Our Role in the Electricity Industry

The electricity industry is essentially made up of three key elements.PTS Project: Te Rere Hau Wind Farm and transmission line.

  • The Generation of electricity
  • The Transmission of electricity 
  • The Distribution of electricity to consumers.

Electricity is generated from generating stations, also known as power plants, which convert fossil fuels, renewable energy, e.g. wind, or hydro energy into electricity.

Electric energy is then transported through transmission lines at extremely high voltages. Once the transmission lines reach their destination the electric power is delivered to a transformer that ‘transforms’ – in other words, lowering the voltage from transmission voltage to subtransmission or distribution voltage

Distribution lines then deliver the lower-voltage electricity to your home or business.

Powerco Transmission Services is a New Zealand leader in connecting energy generation sites – particularly wind farms, via high-voltage transmission lines to the National Grid.