Te Rere Hau Wind Farm

April 2011 marked the successful completion of the final stage of the Te Rere Hau Wind Farm project.  The 48.5 MW wind farm is located on the Tararua Ranges, near Palmerston North, and is owned by New Zealand Wind Farms.

Powerco Transmission Services was responsible for the design and construction of the electrical and communications network required to connect the 97 500kW turbines to the National Grid. This involved the construction of a switching station and installation of 97 550kVA transformers, trenching and laying of some 87kms of 33kV electrical cabling and 22 kms of fibre optic cabling.

Project Milestones

Stage 1:
? 49 turbine sites completed in April 2009.
? The PTS substation building was completed & commissioned
? Transmission circuit east installed & commissioned (7.2km, 33kV underground cable).

Stage 2:
? 16 turbine sites completed in August 2009.
? Transmission circuit west installed & commissioned.

Stage 3:
? 13 turbine sites were completed in September 2010.
? The new sites are located to the north east of the existing Windfarm as part of New Zealand Wind Farms new resource consent.
? The remaining 19 turbine sites were completed in April 2011.

Powerco’s Transmission Manager Kevin Sharp says “The successful completion of the construction phase is something to be very proud of and we would like to acknowledge the great support we have had from throughout the wider business. Powerco has yet again demonstrated we have the resourcefulness, engineering expertise and tenacity to complete yet another complex project under the harshest environmental conditions on time and within the 16.5 million dollar budget.”

Interesting facts about the Te Rere Hau Windfarm Project

Capacity: 48.5 MW from 97 turbines, from 500 kW turbine
Towers: 29 meters, 15,400 kg weight
Blades: Two on each turbine, 33.2 meters in diameter, 900 kg weight
Rotor Speed: 48-51 rpm
Nacelle & Rotor Weight: 13,700 kg
Hub: 30 meters high, 2,200 kg weight
Total Combined Weight: 29,100 kg’s
Foundations: 32 - 64 m³ of concrete, depending on geological conditions
Underground cabling: 87 kilometres, 33kV cabling
Fibre Optic Cabling: 22 kilometres