PTS’ sister company Independent Transmission Services (ITS) is managing the Piako Transmission Project in cooperation with Transpower. The project involves the construction of a new 110kV transmission line and switching station, to connect a new Transmission Substation and existing distribution Zone Substation to the National Grid.

The new transmission line is necessary to provide a secure supply of electricity to the future growth areas identified within North East Waikato, specifically in the Morrinsville, Walton areas and surrounds. The switching station will provide a secure connection to the National Grid.

Current Stage: Transmission Substation Construction
Construction on the new Transmission Substation site on Roache Road began in February 2011. The site is already designated for electricity supply purposes and designations for the 110kV transmission line and switching station have been confirmed in the Matamata-Piako District Plan.

Next Stage: Transmission Line Construction
Construction of the 110kV Transmission line which is expected to begin in July/August 2011;

Final Stage: Connection to the National Grid
The final stage of the project is the completion of the switching station construction and connection to the Transpower owned National Grid, which is currently scheduled for completion in August 2012.

      Roach Rd substation site prior to construction                                        Commencement of Earthworks – February 2011


               Transformer Pads – March 2011                                                                Civil Works – June 2011