Company Overview

PTS designs, builds and maintains high-voltage transmission lines and is a New Zealand leader in connecting energy generation sites, particularly wind farms sites to the National Grid. 
We keep our customers at the leading edge of the industry by offering innovative and complete solutions to deliver safe, reliable assets at the most economically sustainable cost. 
Above all, we deliver results.

PTS has the expertise and resources available to deliver either complete ‘turn key’ projects from conceptualisation to operation, or to tailor partial project solutions to suit our customers’ needs. 

We offer a complete range of services across the industry, successfully delivering results in:

  • Concept evaluation and feasibility studies;
  • Conceptual and detailed design, including protection design and fault studies;
  • Property, community, and other stakeholder consultation;
  • Route planning and procurement , including securing easements and consenting;
  • Tailored construction; maintenance and operations;
  • ‘Turn-key’ solutions at competitive costs – which can be based on alliance style principles depending on market and project needs.

Choosing PTS as your transmission partner provides:

  • Certainty and transparency in providing connection assets;
  • Cost competitive and complete transmission solutions – a competitive alternative to the traditional development models;
  • A long-term and highly valuable partnership with a party that does not compete for generation projects;
  • The ability to protect transmission substation sites and line routes where necessary through the designation process and PTS’ requiring authority status under the Resource Management Act 1991;
  • Working alongside Powerco, PTS has the added advantage of being able to leverage Powerco’s resources and experience as a large and established electricity lines company. 

We pride ourselves on providing consistently high quality services to our customers; our commitment to quality extends throughout our Company, from senior management through to our site teams.

PTS and sister company Independent Transmission Services (ITS), along with parent company Powerco, are committed to protecting people, the environment and property from harm.  This commitment is fundamental to everything we do and is an integral part of all of our work practices. 

Working with electricity is extremely dangerous. Our commitment to strong health and safety performance benefits our staff, contractors and customers. The benefits are also seen throughout the wider business in reduced operating costs, less/no lost time injuries, increased productivity, lower staff turnover, and the efficient reliable use of our network equipment.

If you are connected to our networks and have any safety concerns phone 0800 POWERCO (0800 769 372).

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