Your Responsibilities

Powerco owns the network lines that usually run along the side of the road, and our poles usually carry several lines. Powerco is responsible for the repair of any faults on our electricity network or equipment.

In general, property owners become responsible for service lines at the point it crosses their boundary. This includes the safety and maintenance of their electrical installation and any overhead or underground service lines, not just the wiring inside a building.

If a fault occurs and is found to be on your service line, the cost of repair and possibly the call out charge will be your responsibility.

If you are having work done on a service line, you are required to use a Powerco Approved Contractor to access the network and isolate your line.

Keeping your power lines in a safe condition will help ensure you, your family and friends avoid a serious accident or death.

Any power line that has fallen to the ground should be treated as live. Touching the line could cause serious injury or death.

Property owners should carry out periodic checks to ensure that the lines and poles within their boundaries are in good order. This includes checking that the lines are not in contact with trees tree branches. Click here to learn more about tree trimming.

Protect your equipment and appliances

Circumstances or events beyond our control may cause power outages or voltage fluctuations, potentially damaging equipment or appliances.   

These events may include vehicles crashing into poles, lightning strikes and storm damage.

If you have equipment or appliances that may be affected by an interrupted supply or voltage fluctuations, we strongly recommend that you protect it. This includes computers, televisions, phones, computerised appliances and white ware.

How to protect equipment and appliances

• Arrange insurance that covers damage from voltage fluctuations
• Install your own back-up devices or surge protectors, which can be plugged into appliances or wired into your house mains


If you are going to doing any excavation work, before you start digging always check the location of power cables and other services such as gas and water pipes.

Please call us on 0800 769 372 and we will be able to assist. We provide plans showing the approximate location of our network. 

Unless you know the exact location of all underground cables, we urge you to use our location service. Please note that the cable location service inside your boundary may be chargeable.

Network cables are usually outside your property. If you are building a new fence along your boundary, you will require a location service to identify if there are cables or pipes in this vicinity.

Customers will typically need a cable location service if they are digging trenches, laying a driveway or erecting a fence.

Click here for information about minimum safe distances from overhead lines.

Click here for more information about new electricity connections.