Why will the project take three years?

The project will run for two years from the time that the new EV chargers are installed on participants’ properties (hopefully by January 2021). A third year will be optional for participants after this point.

We believe this three-year period is needed to collect sufficient information about the participants’ EV charging habits in a variety of scenarios. For example, while Year 1 will collect baseline data, Years 2 and 3 will allow us to simulate different situations, such as managed schedules, to see how peoples’ behaviour changes.

What happens if I need to drop out of the project?

If you no longer want to be a part of the project, you must give us 21 days’ notice. However, you will not get to keep the charger for free.

What impact will the project have on my charging?

We anticipate the project will have little impact on your daily routine. There may be times when you notice a difference in the level of charge supplied to your EV, such as when we temporarily reduce the amps to zero to see if this impacts the use of your vehicle. We will keep you informed of such activities.

Will the use of the charger make my power bill go up?

We don’t anticipate that the charger will increase your electricity bill by much, but this will depend on what sort of energy plan you are on.

Where will you install the charger?

After a site visit to your home, installers will work with you to install the charger in the most appropriate place on your property. They will consider aspects such as existing power supply and engineering requirements, along with your suggestions for where the charger would be best placed.

When will the ownership of the charger transfer to me?

The ownership of the charger will transfer to you at the end of the three-year project, unless the participation agreement has ended earlier eg because of a breach. We will transfer all warranties and access to online support to you when ownership transfers to you. 

If you choose to leave the project at the end of the second year, we can remove the charger if you don’t want to keep it, or we can sell it to you for $260.

How hard is it to remove the charger if I no longer want it?

It’s an easy process to remove the charger. If you choose not to keep the charger at the end of the project, we’ll remove it and make good any changes to your home that were required to house the charger at our cost.  We can leave the cabling safely in place in case you ever want to install a charger at a later date.

What happens to the data collected by the charger and the App?

The data collected by the charger and the App is stored by Powerco Limited and our supplier. The data from your charger and the App will be given a serial number as identification, and this information will be stored in a separate place to the data, meaning that you personally cannot be identified in relation to your data. However, we will be able to put the two pieces of information together to link the data to a location and can supply you with your information should you wish to access it.

What happens to my personal information?

Your personal information is stored separately to your data in our secure IT systems in accordance with Powerco’s privacy policy on our website. This means that your data is stored anonymously in the system and can’t be linked back to your personal information.

Do I need to own my property in order for the charger to be installed?

No, but if you rent, you will need to have approval from your landlord to have the charger installed.

Will the charger influence the value of my property?

We don’t know if having the charger will increase the value of your property, but we don’t believe it would have a detrimental effect on the value.

Am I only allowed to use the home smart charger during the project, or can I also use other EV charging stations?

There is no restriction on where and how you charge your vehicle – we’re just keen for you to use the charger when charging at home.

I already have a home EV charger. Can I use this or do I have to use the one provided by Powerco for this project?

We require that you use the charger that Powerco will install for the purposes of project. If you would like to put your old charger back in at the end of the project, we can reinstall it and take our one away.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2020 - 11:46:07