Powering Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are here to stay and we are helping you power up when travelling long distances.

We are doing this by rolling out electric vehicle charging stations across our electricity network. In partnership with ChargeNet NZ, we have already installed chargers in New Plymouth and Tauranga.

This map shows where we plan to add more.

Evolving technology

Powerco knows how important it is to keep up with technology.

We have come up with innovative solutions for our customers in the past and want to continue doing so.

Technology is rapidly changing, whether it is solar power, battery storage or electric vehicles. They all affect how our electricity network performs.

When people charge their electric vehicles at home, it increases the amount of electricity flowing through our network. We have to make sure the network has the capacity for the increased demand, especially if everyone charges their car at peak times like in the mornings and evenings. 

You can help us by charging your electric vehicle during off-peak times such as overnight.

Electric vehicles are fairly new to New Zealand and there is a limited number of charging stations. Installing fast chargers on our network is one way we can support our customers drive electric vehicles.

As well as adapting to new technology, we are committed to providing an efficient, reliable supply of electricity to homes and business.

Benefits of electric vehicles

We think electric vehicles are the way of the future.

There are currently around 8700 electric vehicles in New Zealand. Estimations predict that by 2040, 40% of our cars could be electric powered.

Electric vehicles are economic to run and are environmentally friendly. That’s why we have added them to our own vehicle fleet.

Drive Electric  provides further information about electric vehicles in New Zealand.

Last Updated: 08 Aug 2018 - 02:36:53