Power cuts

For details about other areas affected by power cuts and estimated restoration times click this power cuts page link.

Our power cuts page shows power cuts affecting 25 customers or more. Any questions regarding estimated restoration times will be attended to in business hours. If your power cut is not showing on this website, please ring your retailer to let them know about it.

Please contact your retailer (the company your electricity bill comes from) to log faults. The retailers trading on Powerco's networks can be found here. Or, you can download our outage app and log your faults through there. Have your ICP number handy to register (you will find this on your power bill). Search for Powerco in your apps store to find the app.

Advice for customers

  • Stay at least 4m away from fallen power lines, which must be treated as live at all times. 
  • Call Powerco's emergency number 0800 27 27 27 if you see dangerous sections of network or lines that are down (24-hours-a-day). This line is reserved for emergencies only.
  • If you are using a generator, make sure it is not connected directly to the main power supply. An electrician will be able to check the connection is safe.

Damaged service lines

In general, property owners become responsible for service lines at the point it crosses their boundary. This includes the safety and maintenance of their electrical installation and any overhead lines. If you look up and see the service line to your property is damaged, you are required to use a Powerco Approved Contractor to access the network and isolate your line. If a fault occurs and is found to be on your service line, the cost of repair and possibly the call out charge will be your responsibility.



Last Updated: 13 Apr 2018 - 09:26:12