Saving you Money

There are a lot of simple things you can do to reduce peak demand, while saving yourself money on your electricity bills at the same time.

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Maybe you could you use your washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher before you go to bed, or better still install timers so they come on at different times during the night


Many families use communal areas in the evening so these could be heated first, followed by the bedroom heaters later on. Many heaters have timers to automatically set the on/off times.

Try setting electric heaters so they warm the house before you wake, and then turn them off before the 7am-9am peak.

Consider the type of heating you use. For example, heat pumps use around 3500watts, where as panel radiant heating uses 260-400watts. You may like to use non-electric heaters such as gas fires or log burners at peak hours.


About 58% of home energy is used in space heating, which translates to a similar proportion of your bill.  Reduce this by closing doors, windows and drawing curtains and blinds before putting the heating on. If your home could benefit from insulation check out the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) website.

Towel Rails

Research suggests setting towel rails to run for eight hours a day could save you $115 a year and still allow you to have dry towels and a warm bathroom.

Hot Water Tanks

Most of us already have our hot water tanks on a controlled tariff, which contribute to a lower electricity price. Hot water is heated at off-peak times and stops when the system reaches capacity.

Setting your hot water tank to heat the water overnight or during the day, and ensuring the thermostat is 60oC will help conserve electricity. The tank should be well insulated and the pipes correctly connected.

Solar Power

Have you considered solar water heating?  It makes use of the sun’s heat to provide warmth during the day, reducing the amount of electricity used to heat water. Many retailers offer deals to pay back the costs through your power bill over a number of years.

Switch to Gas

Natural gas is the most efficient fuel available in New Zealand for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Have you considered switching to gas heating?  Click here to see if it could save you money.

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