Gas Distribution

Powerco distributes natural gas to over 102,000 North Island households, businesses and industries across its distribution networks of over 6,170km, made up of 4000km of mains plus around 2,120km of additional gas services.

The gas is drawn from the transmission system owned and operated by Vector.

Powerco's gas networks are in the Taranaki, Manawatu, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Wellington City, Horowhenua and Hawke's Bay regions.

The gas networks business is based on former gas operations of the New Plymouth District Council and subsequent acquisitions of Hawera Gas Company (1994) and the distribution activities of NGC in Taranaki, and acquisitions from AGL (2001) and UnitedNetworks (2002).

Connecting to gas with Powerco

Natural gas is economical and energy efficient for continuous heating and hot water supply. As New Zealand’s leading natural gas distributor, Powerco operates a new-connections programme, promoting increased take-up by households and businesses in targeted locations.

There are ongoing opportunities to increase new connections across our networks, both from new subdivisions and housing markets and from existing homes already adjacent to our networks.

Powerco has committed resources towards growing gas connections and has a dedicated team at The Gas Hub to assist consumers to connect to our gas networks readily and easily.

Consumers seeking to get connected to our natural gas networks can call us on 0508 427 482.

The future for gas in New Zealand

Gas accounts for around 50% of New Zealand's total primary energy usage. In 2009, more than 35% of gas production was used for  used for thermal generation of electricity, while another 16% was used in petrochemical production.

Natural gas is a crucial source of energy within the New Zealand economy. Currently, New Zealand homes use less than 3% of all natural gas produced – the key users being electricity generators and petrochemical manufacturers and major industrial users.

The New Zealand gas industry has a firm commitment to ensuring that direct residential supply remains uninterrupted and is initiating increased residential gas usage.

The Maui gas field was the major producer of gas until recently. As Maui gas diminishes, other new fields such as Pohokura have started production to ensure on going supply to domestic customers.