Frequently asked questions

Power outages page

What should I do if my power is off but it is not showing on the map?
Contact your retailer who has the most up-to-date information on power cuts affecting individual properties.

Do the dots on the map show the precise location of power cuts?
No. The dots show the approximate area only.

How does the search engine work?
The map will show the location of the address entered into the search box and advise if any known power cut exists.  If your power is off but it is not showing on the map, contact your retailer for the latest power cut information affecting your property.

What are faults?
The tab called "Faults" shows faults that are not planned. Causes can include vehicles striking power poles, severe weather, trees contacting lines or equipment failures.

What is planned work?
The tab called "Planned work" show planned/scheduled power cuts. These are necessary to undertake maintenance and upgrades to the electricity network. Watch these video clips to find out more.

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Fallen power lines

What should I do if I see lines fallen to the ground?
Power lines sometimes come down in high winds. Stay well away from fallen lines and treat them as live at all times. Call Powerco on 0800 27 27 27 and we will send a repair team to deal with the power lines. Go to our emergencies page for more information.

Trees and power cuts

What can people to do help reduce the number of power cuts in their area?
On average, trees cause a quarter of all power cuts on the Powerco network each year. Go to our tree trimming page to learn about keeping trees away from overhead power lines.

Responding to power cuts

What is involved with restoring power?
Watch this clip to see how Powerco and field staff respond to power cuts.