Community Involvement

Connecting to our Communities

Powerco actively supports people, organisations and events in the communities in which we operate. We sponsor several large and small programmes that promote messages closely aligned to our business, values and principles.

They include programmes that grow connections through: support of business development; health and safety messages; recognition of personal, business and technical excellence; and supporting and celebrating community activities.

Powerco's Sponsorship

Powerco is proud to support the communities in which it operates and recognises the importance of supporting events and organisations on a local level as well as regionally and nationally.

Powerco supports three levels of sponsorship to ensure a fair and beneficial spread of activity across all regions. These include:

  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Regional Sponsorship
  • Local Sponsorship

Powerco-supported Events and Programmes

• City of Tauranga
• Priority One
• Tauranga Chamber of Commerce
• Taranaki Chamber of Commerce Business Awards
• Vision Manawatu Business Awards
• Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce
• Taranaki Federated Farmers
• New Zealand Business Week
• Back-Up New Zealand
• Christmas at the Bowl (New Plymouth)
• Taranaki Multi-Ethnic Extravaganza
• The Coromandel Pohutukawa Festival
• Just 4 Kids Festival, Whangamata
• Ohakune Mountain Mardi Gras
• New Plymouth Orchestra
• Plunket Taranaki
• Tauranga BMX Park
• Tauranga Yacht Club’s Legends Regatta
• East End Surf Lifesaving Club
• Riversdale Surf Lifesaving Club
• Powerco Cycle Tour of Taranaki
• Hot Water Beach Surf Lifesaving Club
• Te Aroha Angling Club

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