Mein Street gas project

Powerco is pleased to announce the successful completion of this challenging project in August. 

Now that works are completed, Wellington’s Children’s Hospital is $1500 better off and Newtown Primary School has a spanking new bike compound.

And it’s all thanks to their part in the completion of Powerco’s Mein St gas project in the centre of the capital.

The hospital and school were adjacent to the work which involved replacing Powerco’s 40-year-old control station on the corner of Mein and Riddiford Sts with modern, underground equipment.

The disruption to traffic, parking and pedestrians was kept to a minimum thanks to the three-way co-operative approach.

“Outside of the CBD, this is one of Wellington’s busiest locations,” Stuart Dickson, Powerco’s General Manager Gas, said.

“It had the potential to be difficult but there was just one complaint throughout the three-month project. The fact it was completed with minimal fuss is a credit to the support of the hospital and school.”

The hospital allowed Powerco’s contractor, Warner Construction, free use of an area of land to  operate from.  It was able to store equipment and park vehicles there which prevented having to constantly move heavy machinery on and off site.

In appreciation Powerco donated $1500 to the Wellington Children’s Hospital which Foundation chairman Bill Day said would be an added bonus for their replacement fund.

“Safe construction and minimising the impact on the surrounding community and environment were key criteria. That’s in keeping with the Environmental Initiative of the Year award Powerco recently received.” Mr Dickson said.

About the project

A section of the gas network that supplies Newtown in Wellington has gone underground.

Powerco started in May to replace the existing, 40-year-old gas control station on the corner of Mein and Riddiford St with modern, underground equipment.

The existing above-ground control station was in a high profile location next to Newtown School and across the road from the Wellington Hospital site.

This project has improved the visual appeal of the streetscape by replacing the above-ground pipe-work with modern, underground gas control technologies. The reliability of the gas supply will also be improved.

The new underground equipment, which will also boost the supply to meet expected future demand for gas, is located near the hospital’s Accident and Emergency entrance on Riddiford St.

Installing modern control equipment underground removed the need for large maintenance chambers. The result is a less obtrusive control station, reducing the risk of damage and interference, as well as being easier to maintain.

Warner Construction is been contracted to carry out the $750,000 project.

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Last Updated: 14 Aug 2017 - 12:36:52