Powerco signs Exclusive New Zealand distribution agreement for cutting edge energy storage systems

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Leading New Zealand lines company Powerco today announced it had entered into an agreement with Australia’s RedFlow for exclusive distribution rights to a range of state of the art energy storage systems.

The systems are a critical component in delivering off-grid or stand-alone power systems which allow customers to enjoy a reliable electricity supply in their homes or farm buildings without a connection to the traditional electricity network.

Powerco Business Development Manager Jamie Silk said the agreement marked a major step in Powerco’s plan to deliver the most reliable and user-friendly stand alone power systems in New Zealand.

Mr Silk said Powerco subsidiary BasePower would be marketing the new stand-alone energy systems to a wide range of customers across New Zealand.

"Customers who choose to power their homes or farm buildings using a BasePower unit will probably not even notice any difference to being supplied by the network. The only difference is that they will occasionally need to fill up a diesel tank when an alarm indicates the fuel level on the generator tank is low."

Mr Silk said there were a wide range of off-grid power solutions available in the New Zealand market. However the majority of them required householders to have electrical or mechanical engineering knowledge. "RedFlow’s systems are smart and deliver energy of a quality that is often superior to the traditional network due to the fact there are no storm-related power cuts. There is no engineering degree required, no playing with batteries or other drama. The system effectively runs itself with minimal maintenance requirements, which BasePower will manage for customers."

The BasePower standalone power solution uses smart electronics to manage renewable energy sources, energy storage and back up generation as an alternative to the traditional lines network supply.