How Much Power - Remote

BASEPOWER is designed as a reliable power solution for rural homes and smaller remote farm buildings (ie woolsheds) or other facilities. The renewable energy, battery storage and recommended on-demand 7.5kVa generator can support demands of up to 10kWhr/day. A home after an energy efficient conversion needs around 8kWhr/ day but other constraints –such as your peak demands – can influence if this is for you.

BASEPOWER capacity needs to be matched to your energy efficiency, time of energy use and available renewable resources.

For pre-1993 lines customers qualifying for Powerco’s BASEPOWER conversion option, our team will perform this work for you before you make the decision to proceed.

Other customers have the option to simply buy equipment or engage us or other specialists in site assessments.

The BASEPOWER team can also investigate your power consumption and make recommendations where efficiency gains can be made.

The modular design allows you to add more of your own renewable on-site generation if needs grow to reduce diesel bills.

BASEPOWER  is working with leaders in next generation battery technology – RedFlow  – to offer significantly more energy storage for future battery replacements or specialist requirements.

As with lines supply, charges can apply for additional capacity.

The BASEPOWER team can provide you with site specific solutions for your individual energy needs.

Last Updated: 25 August 2011 - 02:21:11