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Our App

Our free app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Android's Play Store, lets you report and check on power cuts in Powerco areas.

Regardless of the company you pay your electricity bill to, the app allows you to:

  • View the status of the power supply to your property, farm/shed, bach, business, child’s school, etc
  • Add up to 10 different properties to monitor
  • Tell us about a power cut
  • Be directed to the right people based on the issue you are experiencing with your power supply


  • Monitor progress to restore power
  • View the estimated restoration time, number of other properties affected and cause of any power cut affecting your property(s)
  • The data is refreshed every three minutes with live system data


Download the Powerco app here:

Get it on Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed answers to commonly asked questions that relate to the Powerco app. 

The app seems unresponsive. What should I do?

For iPhone:

1.     Press the home button to exit the app. This returns you to the iPhone's home screen.

2.     Double press on the home button. This will bring up a row of apps. These are apps that the iPhone currently has open.

3.     Swipe until you find the Powerco app.

4.     Swipe up on the Powerco app. This closes the app.

5.     Press the home button. This returns you to the iPhone's home screen.

6.     Tap on the Powerco icon to launch the app.

7.     If you still continue to have problems, please email customerservices@powerco.co.nz


For Android:

1.     From the home screen, locate and tap the ‘Settings’ icon.

2.     From the settings list, locate and tap the ‘Application Manager’ option. This displays all applications currently running.

3.     Tap on the Powerco app.

4.     Tap on the ‘Force Stop’ option.

5.     Click on the home button to return to the home screen.

6.     If you still continue to have problems, please email customerservices@powerco.co.nz

Are there data charges for using the mobile app or website?

You will require a 3G/4G or wireless connection. Depending on your service plan, data charges may apply. Please contact your phone service provider for questions regarding data use charges.

Which mobile phones are supported?

Any smartphone running at least Android 4.0 and any iPhone running at least iOS 7.0 are supported.

What is an ICP Number?

ICP stands for Installation Control Point. An ICP is a unique number given to each point of connection/property on Powerco’s electricity network. All ICPs are 15 characters long, made up of numbers and letters eg 000006789PCB031.

You will need to enter an ICP number as part of registering for the app. We need this number so we know where your connection is on our electricity network if there is a power cut.

You can find your ICP on your electricity bill or follow this link to search for your ICP by address.

Who do I contact if I have suggestions to enhance the app?

Please leave a review in either the Apple App or Google Play Store with your enhancement idea in the comments. We welcome feedback.

How do I activate my account?

If you signed up to the app using an email address, you should receive an account confirmation email after completing the registration process. Before you can add an ICP to your ‘My ICPs’ list, you must click on the link sent in the email.

If registering through Facebook, there is no additional account verification required. You are able to add an ICP to your ‘My ICPs’ list straight away.

I haven't received a confirmation email. What should I do?

It may take a few minutes for you to receive your account confirmation email. If you still haven’t received an email, please check your junk/spam folder. Also, check the email address listed in the app’s account settings for any typing errors.

If you still have not received a confirmation email, please either register through Facebook or re-register using a different email address. If the problem continues, please let us know by emailing customerservices@powerco.co.nz.

Does the app show all types of power cuts on Powerco's networks?

The Powerco app will show all unplanned power cuts relating to a specific connection point (property/ICP) on Powerco’s electricity network. To do this, the app will check the connection point in Powerco’s electricity outage management system.

If the app shows the power as ‘ON’ but you are experiencing a power cut you can use the app to let us know. Simply tap on the affected ICP in your ‘My ICPs’ page and press the ‘report a power cut’ button.

There are plans to include planned power cuts and partial power cuts in the future.

What kind of information will I receive regarding a power cut?

When there is a known power cut affecting your property/ICP, the app will show you:

1. The number of other properties also affected by the power cut

2. The time the power cut occurred

3. The estimated restoration time

4. Any cause (if known)

This information comes directly from our electricity outage management system and is updated during the course of a power cut.

How often is power cut information updated?

The power supply status for a property/ICP is automatically refreshed every three minutes. Any new information will be displayed after each refresh. You can also force a manual refresh by dragging and releasing the screen on the ‘My ICPs’ page.

I keep trying to raise a power cut within the app but it's not letting me. What should I do?

If you are experiencing a power cut, but receive an error message when trying to submit it to us, please phone your electricity retailer (the company you pay your power bill to).

I have accidently reported a power cut, what should I do?

Please immediately contact your electricity retailer (the company you pay your power bill to) if you have accidentally submitted a power cut through the app so they can let us know. If it is found that the issue is not a Powerco fault after a crew has been sent out, you may be charged a call-out fee.

Why does the app show my power is still off even though the electricity is on again at my property?

We often restore power to the electricity network in sections. Your ICP/property is kept in the job list until all affected customers of a particular power cut have had supply restored.

How do I log a partial power cut if I have three-phase power?

If you have three-phase power, it is possible to lose one or two phases but not lose complete power. If this happens, when reporting your issue, select ‘none of the above’ when asked in the app ‘which of these issues are you experiencing?’. This will prompt you to call your energy retailer. You will need to tell them you have three-phase power and ask them to log a partial power cut.

My ICP appears as 'disconnected' or 'not valid' when I try to register it?

You can check the status of your property’s electricity connection/ICP here. If you have a query regarding the status of your ICP, please contact your electricity retailer (the company you pay your power bill to).

If you receive an error message saying your property’s electricity connection/ICP is invalid, please check that you are adding an ICP/property that is on Powerco’s network